Airline connections to CPT

Cape Town is served nonstop by British Airways from London, in summer twice daily, by KLM from Amsterdam and from November to April only by Lufthansa from Munich 5x a week and Virgin from London.

South African Airways (SAA)  connects Cape Town via Johannesburg with London, Frankfurt and Munich. Lufthansa flies in from Frankfurt, Air France from Paris, Air Namibia from Frankfurt to Windhoek and further to Cape Town.

Via the Middle East Cape Town can be reached by Emirates, twice daily, and Qatar Airways. Turkish Airlines also flies to Cape Town, from Istanbul. The latter two have a short stop in Jo'burg.

From the Far East Singapore Airlines flies into Cape Town. SAA flies to Buenos Aires as well as to Sao Paolo, both thru Johannesburg only.

Lufthansa crews spoil themselves and their guests on board flying around the Cape of Good Hope if time and clouds are permitting this 10 minutes extra flight. Have a look here how great this can be, and how stunning the views are:

The movie takes about 3
          Minutes to load ....